who we are

what exactly is oak hill primitive baptist church?

We are a local autonomous community of Bible believers. We exist to declare a great God who in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ is greatly involved in our lives now and is our only hope for eternity.

Rather than our goodness for God, we are trusting in His goodness towards us. Rather than our work for Him, we have found peace alone in His work for us. Our security issues, sense of identity, and worth do not essentially have to do with our own strength, ability, or accomplishments, but have everything to do with Jesus Christ’s strength, ability, and accomplishments in our place and on our behalf.

The gospel declares ‘in Christ’ we are delivered, accepted and loved.

In the midst of change all around us, we use the name “primitive” to identify our sincere effort to maintain the principles of truth and life exhibited in the New Testament.

Though blessed to live in this technological age, the inspired word given by God answers the ageless questions of life.

We believe that God is on a mission to rescue the broken and recover the lost.

The gospel massaged into hearts brings personal conversion, relational peace, and thereby cultural renewal. The gospel is good news providing hope for the hopeless, calm for the restless, and deliverance for the self-destructing. The gospel revives, renews, and restores.

God carries out this glorious work by a community of individuals providing God’s love and care to others. Members of the church of Christ are not consumers, but are servants declaring, demonstrating, and delivering the liberating power of the gospel to the needs of their neighbors.